The apparel industry is in need of a paradigm shift. The traditional retail model is slowly dissolving due to a saturated industry, long lead times, high discounts due to the everyday coupon, and high end of season write offs. An on-demand model of business significantly reduces this oversupply and waste to make it more acceptable for people, profit, and the planet.

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On-demand: better for people, profit, and the planet

Ziel was founded on the principle of bringing on-demand manufacturing to the apparel industry. they are building a technology platform to design, produce, and deliver apparel to businesses based on actual consumer demand.

Ziel is an on-demand apparel manufacturing platform that creates custom collections for brands, retailers and talent in a fraction of the time. With their solution, clients can now sell top quality, custom sustainable apparel with no minimum order and delivery in under 10 days.

By making smart use of artificial intelligence and innovative production techniques, the platform will enable Ziel to seamlessly connect supply and demand for clothing. This means that exactly what is needed is produced – as well as driving local production which requires less transportation and boosts local employment. Currently, an average of 40% excess is purchased per collection by retailers. Much of this is ultimately destroyed - while producing clothes is highly straining on the environment. With the implementation of our technology this will no longer be necessary.”

Ziel: from New York to Groningen

Now that the technical and economic feasibility has been confirmed, Ziel, supported by a multi-million dollar investment from multiple international parties, will develop, prove and roll out its tech platform in Groningen. Ziel has already started recruiting developers who would like to contribute to an impactful solution for a cleaner industry and thus a better environment. More information? Check out the vacancies below and get in touch!

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Devops Engineer

Join Ziel and you will ensure that our modern applications, API’s and integrations are always available, so they can change the way that apparel is designed, made, bought and delivered throughout the world. We are ambitious – expecting that with the right ecosystem, designs can come to market quicker. Creating durable fashionable apparel that was produced more sustainably and more ecofriendly than previously done. Our goal: Always better…


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